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Handwoven lambswool blanket/wrap

I have used a mix of chunky British wool for the warp (vertical threads)  and supersoft lambswool which is split into 3 sections of colour, white, poplar and oatmeal.

Then lambswool in Sunrise Yellow and Glacier Blue as the weft (horizontal) in four sections.


Using this chunky yarn in the warp makes this a slightly heavier weight and very warm.


All wool is sourced from a mill in Yorkshire. 


I weave everything by hand on my floor loom which has a maximum finished weaving width of approx 100cm-105cm, so I have made my wraps slightly longer to make full use of my loom

You can use this as a wrap, or a blanket.

It fits comfotably long ways over one person, over the lap of two people or it can go along the bottom of your bed.


100cm wide by 200cm length

Handwoven blanket/wrap

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