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A selection of lampshades using 'Winter Sorbet' a blend of Red Clover and burnt orange, which creates a beautiful light.


'Winter Sorbet' is inspired by the plant 'Erysimum'. This has been a long standing flower in our garden and inspired this pattern and colourway. 


I don't keep all sizes & shapes in stock so it may take a couple of weeks to get ready.

Lampshade picture is M Empire


Lampshade Sizes 



20cm (d) by 18cm (h)

30cm (d) by 25cm (h)

40cm (d) by 30cm (h)

50cm (d) by 30cm (h) 



20cm (d) by 15cm (h)

30cm (d) by 20cm (h)

40cm (d) by 25cm (h)



XS - Top Diameter - 12.5cm

Bottom Diameter - 25cm Height -



S - Top Diameter - 15cm

Bottom Diameter - 30cm

Height - 20cm


M - Top Diameter - 20cm

Bottom Diameter - 45cm

Height - 25cm


L - Top Diameter - 25cm

Bottom Diameter - 50cm

Height - 30cm 



XS - Top Diameter - 20cm

Bottom Diameter - 25cm

Height - 20cm


S - Top Diameter - 25cm

Bottom Diameter - 30cm

Height - 25cm


M - Top Diameter - 30cm

Bottom Diameter - 35cm

Height - 30cm


L - Top Diameter - 35cm

Bottom Diameter - 40cm

Height - 35cm


Please choose which design you like from the drop down menu, Pictured is Coolie small. 


Please note it may take me 1-2 weeks beofre despatching if I need to make it.


Winter Sorbet

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